Hafixs Rapid Reaction

HAFIXS Rapid Reaction Accelerator is in a liquid form. Together with HAFIXS Professional Glue provides a fast cure bond.
A fast cure is recommended when an emergency repair is required or when working in difficult, adverse conditions, extreme temperatures etIt is particularly recommended for mitre joints in industry such as kitchen fitting etc.

It is possible to pre treat parts with the accelerator up to 48 hours before bonding. It is suitable touse with most materials such as: porcelain, china, crystal, glass, ceramic, marble, wood, MDF, plastics, ABS, PVC, acrylic, rubber, leather, metal and many other types.
Good results can be achieved with this high-speed cure bonding with many benefits such as: strong on impact and can be handled with in 2- 4 seconds, if the surface is porous,10-20 seconds, the final cure is 1 hours. After cure it has a high temperature resistance - 40°C up to + 180° C