Hafixs Replacement Nozzles

This is a pack of three replacement nozzles for HAFIXS Professional Glue bottles.

Remove or fit a new nozzle to the bottle the safe way

It is important that you read this leaflet before you begin.

Taking care when removing the old or fitting a new cap and nozzle.

It is advised to put an old polyethylene bag in the surface you are going to work on in case of a spillage. You can put polyethylene bags on your hands to protect them. If you do get glue on your skin, you should wash in warm soapy water. This will loosen the glue and the natural oils in your skin will repel the glue.

To prepare:
Put the nozzle inside the coloured cap ready to fit.

When the old cap and nozzle has been removed from the bottle you are now ready to fit the new ones.

Hold the bottle down on a flat surface with one hand, now screw the new prepared cap with nozzle inside on to the bottle with the other hand, this will drive the new nozzle into position. Job Done.

Don't forget to put the petroleum gel inside the new cap!

Trouble removing the old cap

Cap stuck on the bottle:
To get the cap off you need a pair of pliers. Squeeze the cap all the way around to loosen the glue and free the cap. When you get the cap off be warned it is probably going to pull the nozzle off with it so be sure you don't have an accident.

The reason for this happening:
You forgot to put the grease or petroleum gel inside the coloured cap around the thread and clean the nozzle before putting the cap back on after use and that is why the cap is stuck to the bottle.

If you look after your glue, it will look after you ...

Keep the glue out of the reach of children as it can stick skin and eyes in seconds, In the case of glue in eyes you should rinse in clean water and seek medical advice.

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