Hafixs Filling Powder

This filler is in a powder form and is utilised with HAFIXS Professional Glue.
The filler is activated when the glue is added.
It can be used for:- gap filling, surface building and moulding etc. It is suitable for use with most materials such as: porcelain, china, crystal, glass, ceramic, marble, wood, MDF, plastic, ABS, PVC, acrylic, metal etc., including some difficult industrial plastics.

After the cure, the filler will support temperatures. It will resist water. It will provide a strong and durable surface. The surface can be machined, drilled, sanded, filed, it can be polished, varnished or painted etc.
Make sure the area to be applied is clean and dry before beginning. HAFIXS Cleaner Spray can be used if cleaning is required. There are several methods of application. It is important to use the correct method of use for your project.